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Duval Union investeert in marktonderzoeksbureau Profacts


Antwerpen, 4 december 2015  - Duval Union kondigt vandaag aan dat het een minderheidsbelang neemt in het full-service marktonderzoeksbureau Profacts. Profacts voert kwantitatief en kwalitatief marktonderzoek uit. Hiermee maken ze hun klanten succesvoller op vlak van onder andere...

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Let’s put the right price on your product!


  Pricing is one of the crucial elements in a marketing plan, because let’s be honest: at the end every company needs profit to be able to keep on running. But pricing also has to be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan. Several parameters must be kept in mind: -          What [...]

Neuromarketing World Forum Dubai 2016


Next steps in neuromarketing Last week marketers and neuroscientists gathered in Dubai to discuss the latest methods and insights in the fast-growing field of neuromarketing. An important goal of this conference was to discuss the obstacles that need to be overcome to achieve a more solid position within the field of marketing. Below I discuss [...]