Key Strengths

Profacts History

  • Added value research: Profacts goes beyond pure data delivery and provides actionable recommendations and consultancy strongly based on facts and figures.

  • Innovation: Through its link with the academic world, Profacts continuously innovates its research solutions. We often apply techniques such as text mining, blog and e-news tracking and eye movement research.

  • Interactivity: Instead of showing our face at the briefing and at the presentation, we interact with our clients on a continuous basis in order to fully grasp the intricacies of the research objectives and needs.

  • Flexibility: Profacts is a young and dynamic company that always goes the extra mile. In two extreme cases we provided two Bel-20 companies with concrete advice within three days following an emergency briefing.

  • “Yes we can” attitude: No challenge is too big for us. In the most extreme cases we interviewed GPS users in Indonesia (if you look at Indonesia on Google Maps you’ll understand the challenge) and succeeded in elaborating a methodology for interviewing very difficult target groups such as psychiatrists who prescribed a combination of drugs.