Christmas @ Profacts!

by Céline Beels on December 23rd, 2011

At Profacts it is always busy at the end of the year. Clients are already making plans for the next year and are developing new strategies, new targets, … That’s where Profacts comes in: via our research methodologies, we can help them to reveal their factors for success and lead them into the right direction.

With the end-of-year rush we would almost forget that the holidays are coming, but luckily we have a few ‘Profacts-reminders’:

–    The piles of New Year cards and presents that are waiting to be delivered to all the people we want to say thanks to.

–    Secondly, at Profacts we are blessed with a neighbor who takes care that nobody forgets that it is Christmas.

–    Then we also have our annual Profacts Christmas dinner! Those who remember the pictures of our summer event already know that the young and dynamic Profacts team knows how to turn a work related event into a fun experience!
Valerie, our office manager, reserved us a separate room at KorenleiTwee in Ghent. Tim and Stijn, the managing partners, directly brought us into the right mindset with a little quiz. A week before, all Profacts employees had to write a little report about their performance interview. Now we had to guess who of our colleagues was the first to send his report, who used most diminutives, who illustrated his report by 4 html-links, … Apparently, we spend too much time together as some people answered all questions correctly :-).
Afterwards, we enjoyed our dinner and drinks while the voices got louder and the conversations got more interesting, … Anyway, the waitress definitely enjoyed our company: “What a fun company you work for!”.
Below some atmospheric pictures:

–    And last but not least, while I was writing this blog I got interrupted by clinging bells and a loud “HO HO HO”: Yes indeed, we got a visit from Santa Claus at Profacts!! Santa Claus had a personal message for all of us written in his book: funny things that we have done, typical characteristics or personal accomplishes to be proud of! He even made us sing some Christmas songs.

With  all these reminders, we sure cannot forget that a New Year is coming our way so let me finish by wishing you all the best for 2012. May you find your own factors for success!!

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