Profacts proudly presents its new website!


Together with the professionals from Code d'Or (, we have built a new website. The new site contains a more up-to-date introduction to Profacts, our people and our expertise. With some new and exciting features, such as our newsletter and our blog the content of our site will change more frequently. Together with a more sexy look we hope this will make visiting the Profacts website more fun.

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Profacts announces growth of over 20%


Profacts has recently closed its 3rd fiscal year (Oct 2008-Sep 2009). We are proud to announce that the strong growth of the two first years continues in the third year, even within the context of the financial crisis and economic recession. The growth is significant, both in terms of turnover and employees. The highlights of our 3rd year are the following : (a) growth is almost fully accounted for by customer loyalty: existing clients who come back very frequently. (b) Our clients often ...

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