Profacts op één


Doe zoals Thomas Vanderveken in Voor Hetzelfde Geld en verdien een centje bij door deel te nemen aan een marktonderzoek bij Profacts!


In het tv-programma “Voor Hetzelfde Geld” op één, proberen de presentatoren Thomas Vanderveken, Britt van Marsenille en Jan Van Looveren allerlei zaken uit om te zien wat het opbrengt. Op die manier bezorgen ze de kijker allerlei tips en tricks die te maken hebben met de portefeuille. In de aflevering van 28 mei komt Thomas Vanderveken langs bij Profacts ...

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JIM Youth lab: YOLO main motto of Flemish youth


Profacts organized a large research among N=527 Flemish youths (16-23 years old) for the TV channel JIM. The research, in collaboration with Herman Toch of Dreams & Fears, focused on life changing experiences and how they serve as a source of inspiration for guiding principles or motto’s that young people nowadays live by. Main life altering experiences for young people are traveling, a new love and festivals. Especially experiences that are shared with friends or relatives have an impact ...

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Profacts in Fast50 Magazine


As a nominee for the Fast50 Benelux, Profacts was interviewed by the Fast50 Magazine. Over the last 5 years, Profacts grew with over 1000%, leading to our classification as the 17th fastest growing innovative technology company in the Benelux by Deloitte, the organizer of the Technology Fast50. The interview with co-founder Timothy Desmet in the Fast50 Magazine can be read here.


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Profacts at the AMMA Awards defense


On March 14th, Profacts and Produpress will defend the case they have jointly submitted for the Best Media Research of the AMMA Awards at a special GRP session.

The AMMA Awards or Annual Masters of Media Awards were created to give visibility to and further increase the professionalism of the media trade in Belgium. Among the different categories, Profacts and Produpress have submitted a case within the category Best Media Research.

Produpress is the media group behind Immoweb. In the case we ...

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Profacts nominated for Fast50 Benelux


As a nominee for the Fast50 Benelux, Profacts is among the 50 fastest growing innovative technology companies in the Benelux over the last 5 years. Only 8 Belgian companies are among the 50 nominees, so Profacts is one of the 8 fastest growing technology companies in Belgium. Profacts was nominated because over the last 5 years we grew with more than 1000%. More information on the nominees can be found here and here and on Twitter (#fast50). Stijn De Rammelaere and Timothy Desmet, the ...

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Profacts research on “vier” covered in the press


On Tuesday 12 September 2012, Profacts released the results of its survey on TV-shows moving from “één” to “vier”. The research sparked a lot of interest by the press. Stijn De Rammelaere, managing partner and co-founder, was interviewed by Het Laatste Nieuws, De Tijd, Het Nieuwsblad en De Standaard.

The research showed that “de Slimste mens” (Erik Van Looy) and “de Pappenheimers” (Tom Lenaerts) have the most power to convince viewers.
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Profacts research on amusement parks covered in the press


On Friday 17 August 2012, Profacts released the results of its amusement park survey. The research sparked a lot of interest by the press. Timothy Desmet, managing partner and co-founder, was interviewed about the results on Kanaal Z and De Standaard wrote an article about it in the weekend edition.

The research showed that Belgian visitors are more delighted about amusement parks in France (Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix), The Netherlands (Efteling) and Germany (Phantasialand) than about ...

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Belgians more delighted about amusement parks abroad


Profacts released the results of its amusement park survey today. The research showed that Belgian visitors are more delighted about amusement parks in France (Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix), The Netherlands (Efteling) and Germany (Phantasialand) than about Belgian amusement parks. In Belgium, Bobbejaanland receives the highest visitor satisfaction scores. Especially the wider variety and novelty of the attractions abroad lead to higher visitor delight. The research also shows that ...

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Erik De Soir Psychologist of the Year


Profacts congratulates Erik De Soir. Erik has been awarded by the members of GAP (Gentse Alumni Psychologie) as Psychologist of the Year. He takes over this title from dr. Stijn De Rammelaere en dr. Timothy Desmet, founders and Managing Partners of Profacts. Erik De Soir is a world-renowned expert on psychological traumas. He was personally involved in disasters such as Pukkelpop and the recent bus crash in Sierre, where he helped the families and rescuers through his intervention as crisis ...

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Belgian population against the strike of January 30th, Profacts research shows


Profacts research has shown that a large majority of the Belgian population is against the strike of next January 30th. Most people also think that the Belgian economy has suffered from the strike of December 22nd 2011.

See the press release for more details.

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Profacts research on retirement age in the news


The Profacts research on the retirement age among 1325 employees and 368 HR managers in Belgium was featured in the press today. De Standaard Online brought the story on its first page and co-founder and managing partner of Profacts, Timothy Desmet, was interviewed by Qmusic. The story has also been picked up by Vandaag, Gazet Van Antwerpen en Het Belang van Limburg.

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Relive the HR Gala on YouTube


Relive the best moments of the HR Gala of 27 October 2011 via a specially made movie clip on YouTube. The results of the Working Longer survey by Profacts, the comic interludes by Dirk Denoyelle, the HR Ambassador of last year – Fons Leroy – and of course the announcement of the HR Ambassador of 2011: Schoenen Torfs.

Click HERE and relive the HR Gala!

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Profacts eye tracking research featured in VBO magazine


Timothy Desmet, co-founder of Profacts, was interviewed by Forward on eye tracking research. Forward is the monthly magazine of the VBO (Verbond van Belgische Ondernemingen). The full interview can be found here.

Eye tracking is measuring spontaneous eye movements that people make while looking at a print advertisement, a TV commercial, a banner, a flyer, a website, etc. The main advantage of eye tracking is the high naturalness and the fact that people can not consciously control their eye ...

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Profacts congratulates Torfs, the HR Ambassador of 2011


Profacts congratulates the shoe chain Torfs. Torfs was elected HR Ambassador of 2011 at the 6th “Gala van de Vlaamse HR Ambassadeurs” on October 27th. Profacts is sponsor of the Gala and Timothy Desmet, co-founder and Managing Partner of Profacts, is a member of the jury, which is led by Pieter Timmermans of the VBO. The jury especially valued Torfs’ authenticity through values such as warmth, contact, care, family spirit, team spirit and fun. Torfs’ Happiness Program for the employees is ...

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Profacts on Kanaal Z: Step into our offices!


On June 28th, Profacts was featured in Z-Ondernemen, a new program on Kanaal Z that offers useful information and practical tips for entrepreneurs and business people.

Watch the video and meet our motivated team of research experts with extensive experience in various domains and sectors.
Hear from our clients how they have appreciated working with us.
See for yourself how our passion for market analysis can help your company achieve the best results.

Come and step into our offices!
(click ...

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Research on innovation: see us on TV!


Whether it's testing a new concept or learning about the new possibilities of a market, Profacts can help innovative companies in all stages of the process to help to bring unique products and services to life.

Recently Profacts performed a market survey for ACL, who wanted to develop a new product: the Deli’Do. This new concept was presented online to a 1000 Belgians who evaluated the concept and who also answered some additional questions about e.g. usage or possible product features.  ...

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Founders of Profacts win "Psychologist of the year-award"


Young entrepreneurs Stijn De Rammelaere and Timothy Desmet were elected "Psycholoog van het jaar" (Psychologist of the year), last Thursday march 24th.  With this award,  the Psychology alumni of the university of Ghent (GAP, Gentse Alumni Psychologie) want to congratulate the founders of market research agency Profacts for their “dynamic entrepreneurship and the many chances they offer to young graduates in Psychology”.

Since 2010 the GAP (Gentse Alumni Psychologie) wants to acknowledge ...

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Stijn De Rammelaere and Timothy Desmet nominated for Psychologist of the Year 2011


Stijn De Rammelaere and Timothy Desmet, founders and Managing Partners of Profacts, have been nominated for the award of Psychologist of the Year 2011. The award is organized annually by the alumnus organization of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University (GAP). All alumni of the Faculty can vote for their preferred nominee on the website of GAP. The Psychologist of the Year 2011 will be anounced on March 24st at Het Pand in Ghent. The other nominees for 2011 ...

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Profacts research in the news


Recent research by Profacts was covered extensively in the media today. Timothy Desmet, co-founder and Managing Partner, was also interviewed about the results on Qmusic. The results about the personality of the Flemish party presidents and about how satisfied Flemish voters are today with the vote they cast on June 13th, 2010, was covered in Gazet Van Antwerpen, De Standaard, Het Belang Van Limburg, Het Nieuwsblad,Zita and Clint.

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Profacts announces a growth of 78%


Profacts has recently closed its 4th fiscal year (October 2009-Sep 2010). We are proud to announce that the strong growth of the 3 first years continued in the fourth year. The growth is significant, both in terms of turnover and employees. As last year, we observed that : (a) growth is mostly accounted for by customer loyalty: existing clients who come back very frequently, (b) our clients assign larger projects to Profacts and turn the relationship into strategic partnerships, and (c) new ...

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