E-reputation and blog tracking

Profacts has developed a tool which allows for tracking your e-reputation (your reputation on the internet).

The tool consists of 2 different but complementary parts, a news part and a blog part.

  • In the news part, we daily scrape a fixed universum of the most influential news-sites.
  • In the blog part, we scrape websites with a lot of consumer-generated content such as blogs, forums, social networks, micro-social networks, etc.

The information from both sources is continuously changing, so it provides the opportunity to track this information over time. The first part is ideal for brand and companies that are often in the news (e.g., banking). The second part is extremely relevant for high-involvement products such as GPS, cars, camera, etc.

We always answer 3 main questions : what is the frequency of being mentioned, what are people saying about you or about your brand, and what is the sentiment associated with you or your brand. We use advanced techniques such as text mining (incl sentiment labeling) to transform the unstructured text into structured and tractable information using text mining.

If you're interested in this or any other service we're offering, please contact us.