Apart from online surveys, Profacts also offers other online research solutions:

  • In an online focus group a moderator interviews a group of about 8 respondents (consumers, professionals, etc.) via an online chat module. Clients can follow the discussion in the main chat room and suggest questions to the moderator in the client room.
  • In online focus forums respondents participate in threaded discussions. Several topics for each group can be created. Images, audio files, video files and websites can be embedded into the discussions on the forum.
  • Online diaries allow respondents to complete specified diary pages with open ended questions – one line or several essay type.

Compared to traditional qualitative methods, this research is (a) more convenient for the respondent and the client (no need to go to a central location to participate or to follow fieldwork), (b) more interactive (the client can directly intervene), (c) faster because the output (e.g. Transcripts) is immediately available, and (d) more cost-efficient.

If you're interested in this or any other service we're offering, please contact us.