Online surveys CAWI

CAWI or Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing means that a survey appears in a browser as an online web page. Respondents can reach the survey in different ways, most frequently by clicking on a link in a personalized invitation mail or by clicking on a banner or a pop-up on a website.

The most important advantages of CAWI are:

  • Multimedia materials (pictures, audio or video files) can be integrated into the survey.
  • The respondents can complete the survey in their own time.
  • Cost efficient because of the lack of printing, interviewer and data input costs.
  • Fast because respondents can be recruited and reached immediately, with the possibility to continuously track fieldwork.
  • Because of computerized filtering of the survey and because of automatic data collection less mistakes are made.
  • Because there is no interviewer bias and because respondents are anonymous, respondents are less likely to give socially desirable or politically correct answers.

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