Koffie4 Time to pause for coffee!

Time to pause for coffee!

On a cold winter's day a cup of coffee can work wonders. At home, on the go or in the office, 82% of Belgians drink coffee. We were curious about the coffee drinking behaviour in Belgium. Check out the results of our survey here.


Belgians are serious coffee drinkers: 82% enjoys a cup of coffee from time to time. They drink coffee because they love the taste (59%), drink it out of habit (43%) or to help them wake up at breakfast time (40%).

For women, drinking coffee is often a moment of conviviality and enjoying the beverage in good company (33% versus 24% of men).

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The 18% of Belgians that do not drink coffee refrain from doing so mainly because they do not like the taste of coffee (79%) (this plays a role especially among younger generations), because they don't think it's healthy (13%), or just because they don't like the aroma (12%).

Belgians drink coffee throughout the day (60% between 8 and 10 am) and almost 65% consume around two to five cups a day - a habit that most are happy to continue.

The results of our research indicate however that coffee consumption is more moderate among young people (-35 years): 39% consumes a maximum of 1 cup a day. The 50+ age group on the other hand includes more ‘heavy’ coffee drinkers: 17% drinks 6 cups or more a day.

When it comes to preference, the classic Americano is still the most popular coffee consumed in Belgium (52%).

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Young people (-35 years) dare to be more 'unconventional' in their choice for coffee and vary more. In addition to the classic americano (50%), they also drink café latte (28%), espresso (24%), macchiato (24%) and ristretto (21%).

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40% of Belgians consume two to three cups a day