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How effective is your slogan?

Ready for a test? Complete the following: “Tuin, dier, ...” “C’est beau la vie,....”. Did you immediately complete these with “bakplezier” and “pour les grands et les petits”? The majority of Belgians most probably did. That is what makes a slogan powerful and shows how it can get stuck in consumers’ brains.

Even in times such as these, brand familiarity in a consumer’s head is of prime importance - now even more than ever before. We make quicker decisions in the supermarket and are doing increasingly more shopping online. At the same time, we are consuming more media and we therefore see more brands that need to be considered. Which of them stick? Which of them are top of mind and influence us when we do our planned shopping?

As a partner of Effie, Profacts finds the impact of advertising campaigns and slogans extremely important and we have been doing some research, at our own initiative for some years now, on how familiar certain slogans are in Belgium. Every year, we ask 1000 Belgians the question which slogan belongs to what brand.

Would you like to participate in the next batch to be researched? Profacts offers you the opportunity of sending in slogans: your current slogan, a potentially new slogan, a slogan you wish to benchmark (inside or outside your sector), etc. Whatever you like.

Afterwards, you will receive the percentage of the correct attribution of the slogans that you sent in, free of charge, together with the Belgian benchmarks per sector.

Join in and expand your insights and marketing power!

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Send us the slogan(s) for Flanders and/or Wallonia that you want to have researched!